Automatic security battery shutdown - ASBS

When your car, boat or RV is not running, the 12V devices empty your battery, which can cause a lot of troubles along the way.

Are you using a car battery to supply power to 12V load devices in your summer home, workshop or elsewhere? Are you aware of the fact that if the voltage drops under 10.6V the service life of a car battery, even a new one can be significantly reduced and it can destroy the battery?

This is why we recommend you have a battery guard always turned on when you're using 12V devices. We have developed an automatic security battery shutdown or the ASBS. If necessary, this product will shut down all 12V devices, such as electric coolers, radio receivers and marten repellents before the battery is drained. You will be able to quickly recharge your battery and the ASBS will automatically turn all the 12V devices back on, once the battery is operating at a normal voltage. We guarantee that this product will make you forget about the headaches caused by a dead battery and will considerably lengthen the life of the battery.

Make sure 12V devices don't empty your car battery

Automatic security battery shutdown
  • Designed for load devices up to 10A; if an external relay is used, any type of current is possible.