24V/12V Converter (7A, 10A and 20A)

Do you wish to supply 12V devices (car radio, CB station, mobile phone, air conditioning, ventilators, TV sets, etc) in a 24V truck??

We recommend our 24V/12V Converter, which converts 24V (trucks, buses) to 12V. It is suitable for all 12V devices. 24V/12V Converters are available at 7A, 10A and 20A.

24V freight vehicles can benefit from the best product currently available on the market – the 24V/12V Converter.

High Frequency 24V/12V Converter (5A)

We have also designed top level high frequency converters that convert 24V (trucks, buses) to 12V (5A, 60W) with a high level of efficiency without any additional installation.

The product is designed for running 12V devices on a 24V supply. Its main advantage is a simple installation. You simply plug the male input into the vehicle's existing 24V outlet and connect the output to a 12V device. This small independent device offers more than 95% efficiency that guarantees a decrease in the load on the alternator and the battery.

12V/24V Converter

Do you have a 24V device you wish to use in your 12V vehicle?

The 12V/24V Converter enables you to use 24V load devices with a 12V supply at 100W.

Special offer for trucks, buses and all 24V vehicles

Converter 24V/12V
  • All converters have over-current and temperature protection
  • In case of malfunction there is no damage to the devices plugged into the output

High Frequency Converter with Excellent Efficiency

High Frequency Converter