ECS Fast Charger – 20A and 50A


This fast compact lead-acid battery charger is the quickest and most capable charger, which can prolong a battery's service life up to five times. This product will meet the needs of all who require a fast and quality recharge of lead-acid batteries: owners of RVs, sailboats and other vessels, auto electricians etc.

In cooperation with Eyra d.o.o., we are producing an impulse charger (50A) that can charge a 100Ah lead-acid battery in a mere two hours. Moreover, after the recharge, the product preserves it indefinitely. The ECS charger enables lead-acid batteries to outlive the service life of the vehicle they power.


The ECS charger was designed as part of the sensational, unique and patented ECS charging technology. By testing the car battery, the ECS charger establishes what type of current the battery requires for the fastest and most efficient charging. Other chargers charge car batteries in bulk current, which causes heating and a shorter service life. The ECS charger will renew the car battery that has sulfated due to misuse (i.e. a significant decrease in battery capacity). During battery charging and maintenance with the ECS charger, you can use your battery and plug in devices. Only the ECS charger will charge your lead-acid battery up to 10% above its claimed capacity. This means it will charge a 100Ah battery to an incredible 110Ah.

The ECS charger works with all types of lead-acid batteries (acid and gel).

The fastest pulse lead-acid battery charger in the world

Fast charger ECS
  • 12V and 24V ECS chargers are available
  • The highest charging current of 20A and 50A or 10A and 30A
  • Additional outputs for preserving startup batteries 1A or 3A