The Chariot


The electrical wiring of modern cars is under much strain, so any additional wiring for hitching a trailer causes problems: the dashboard lights up, and with cars such as the VW Turan, Golf 5, Opel Vectra, Audis and BMWs that activate position and turn signals by impulse, the wiring will not work at all.

Your problems can be solved by installing a universal electronic module for connecting the trailer's electrical device – we call it the Chariot. The Chariot module galvanically divides the signalization of the trailer and the car, which alleviates the strain from the electrical wiring in the vehicle. We assure you that with the Chariot your electrical wiring will function perfectly. There are several original modules available on the market; however, they are not universal and cost much more than the Chariot. Most of the tow hitch installers in Slovenia are already familiar with our products. To those who are not yet acquainted with them, we offer a free sample.

Make sure your installer includes in the Chariot module along with the tow hitch and saves you trouble with your vehicle's electrical wiring.

Description of the electronic module for trailers (7 and 13 pin)


Universal electronic module for trailer signalization is designed for all the cars that need galvanic separation for proper work of trailer signalization.
With the use of our module no malfunctions or error signalization in the car will occurre.
It uses the latest generation of automotive transistors for power up the lights of the trailer.
All the channels have over load and short circuit electronic protection with automatic reset.
The module is protected against wrong polarity connection. In the case of wrong polarity connection the exterior 15A fuse blows up.
The P.D.C. control output has automatic fuse. In the case of malfunction the power has to be disconnected to reset the P.D.C. control output.
Negligible standby current in sleep mode when the engine is off.
Mounting schematic printed on the box for rapid instalation or problem solving.

Additional functions

1.)Check bulb control for turn lights and parking lights

If any of the turn or parking bulbs of the trailer is in defect the buzzer beeps when left or right turn light is activated. Instead of the buzzer, led diode can be used.

2.)Short circuit of the trailer alert

If wiring of the turn or parking lights of the trailer is in short circuit, the buzzer beeps when the left or right turn signal is activated. The car signalization works properly even if trailer is in short circuit!

3.)P.D.C. Control (park distance control deactivation)

With an auxiliary rele it is possible to deactivate the park distance control of the car while back driving.

4.)Car fog light deactivation

If desired, the car fog light can be deactivated when the fog light of the trailer is activated. (It is required in some EU countries).

If the car has two fog lights, the second fog light can be deactivated with an auxiliary rele.

Electronic module KIT contains (7 or 13 pin)

  • electronic module
  • 7 or 13 pin connector
  • complete wiring to connect the module to the car signalization and to the 7 (or 13) pin trailer signalization connector
  • all assembly parts needed to install the module in the car (fuse holder, 15A fuse, fast crimp terminals, plastic cable ties, nuts, screws,...)

Mounting scheme

A unique and universal adapter for installing lighting for your trailer

The Chariot
  • 15A relay outlet enables a long service life