The Grumbler – Sound Signals

Have you yet again forgotten to turn your daylight driving lights on or off?

There are simple signals available on the market which alert us to the fact that the lights are either on or off.

For a price of one signal, we offer two.

The Grumbler will issue an alert anytime you forget to turn on the car lights after starting the engine; once you turn your vehicle off, it will make sure you've turned off the lights by alerting you if you haven't. In case you wish to drive with lights off or have your lights on while the engine is off, the Grumbler will stop the alarm after 20 seconds.

Stop forgetting to turn your car lights on and off.

It alerts you when you've forgotten to turn your car lights on or off

The Grumbler
  • Simple installation guaranteed! Suitable for all makes of cars and trucks.