The Light-Saver


Do you often change your car lights because you use them during the daytime? Have you ever considered how much you would save, if you had daylight driving lights installed with ONLY 70% luminosity?

Did you know that when you turn your car lights on, the filament heats from 20°C to 500°C in a matter of milliseconds? This process puts enormous strain on the material the bulb is made of, which causes the service life of the bulb to substantially decrease when driving with the lights on.

In the past ten years, car lights operate at the highest possible voltage, spanning from 14,5V to 15V alternator generated voltage. This is precisely why your car lights burn out. Our module for reducing the luminosity of car lights – the Light-Saver – will help lengthen the life of your car lights.

We proudly present our company's new product! The fantastic module for reducing the luminosity of daylight driving lights will save you money. The module operates with a soft start of daylight driving lights and ONLY 70% luminosity.

The car lights' service life is considerably prolonged; fuel consumption is reduced (40W), as well as the wear of parabolas, defects in light plugs, alternator and electrical installation load.

Forget about having to change your lights!

The Light-Saver – Reducing the Luminosity of Daylight Driving Lights

The Light Saver
  • The module can be independently installed in all vehicles
  • Quick and simple installation