Integral Solutions

Some household appliances can break down after a power outage. We have created a stand-by power supply that keeps your appliances continuously supplied with electricity.

European law for the daytime running lights

The European Commission had decided that by 2011 all new vehicles must be equipped with special daylight lamps.

Save on your car lights

Did you know that when you turn your car lights on, the filament heats from 20°C to 500°C in a matter of milliseconds?

Hot Products

The Caretaker - Lead-acid battery preserved and changer


We have been working on lead-acid battery chargers for more than a decade. During that time, based on our experience and tests, we developed a unique preserver and charger suitable for all vehicles...

The Chariot


The electrical wiring of modern cars is under much strain, so any additional wiring for hitching a trailer causes problems...

The Light-Saver


Do you often change your car lights because you use them during the daytime?
Have you ever considered how much you would save, if you had daylight driving lights installed with ONLY 70% luminosity?

ECS Fast Charger

Hitri polnilec ECS

This product will meet the needs of all who require a fast and quality recharge of lead-acid batteries: owners of RVs, sailboats and other vessels, auto electricians etc.