Do you need a purpose-designed controller for your industrial machinery?

Our controllers for process automation are a custom designed. Our professional staff will gladly hear you out and give you technical support.

Our controllers are installed in wine presses, Rotopanels, miter saws of Primorje Ajdovščina, different testing devices of Hidria AET Tolmin and elsewhere. The wine press controllers have seven relay outputs, ten digital inputs, two analogue inputs and a mounted pressure sensor for pressure measurements. We developed a special controller for Primorje Ajdovščina that manages the entire board sawing process.

Numerous Rotopanels in Slovenia and abroad operate using our controllers.



We have also developed special controllers and testing devices for product quality control in the production process such as:

  • Automated digital ignition testing for mopeds;
  • DC/DC converter testing for ignition coils;
  • Ignition coil testing.