Industrial Converters

For more than a decade we have been custom designing industrial converters of different input and output voltages and powers, galvanically separating the input and output.

Our customers include Soške Elektrarne, Elektro Primorska and CCE from Ljubljana as well as other companies that install our converters all across the world.

We are specialized in the production of non-standard converters for transformer stations, converting 220V DC voltage to 110V, 24V and 12V DC voltage. The converters come in plastic casings, designed for mounting on DIN rails.

We design converters suiting any needs, at your demand!

Industrial Converters

Some of our converters:

  • DC/DC Converter 220V
    DC/110V DC 60W
  • DC/DC Converter 120V
    DC/12V DC 100W
  • DC/DC Converter 75V
    DC/12V DC 12W
  • AC/DC Converter 230V
    AC/12V DC 50W
  • AC/DC Converter 230V
    AC/24V DC 50W
  • AC/DC Converter 230V
    AC/110V DC 170W