Integral Solutions

Stand-by power supply during a power outage

Some household appliances can break down after a power outage. We have created a stand-by power supply that keeps your appliances continuously supplied with electricity.

We present an excellent solution for preserving electricity when using wood-fired central heating. If you have supplied the furnace with logs, and a sudden power outage occurs, the water pump in the radiators will stop extracting heat from the furnace. This will lead to high temperatures that can cause lasting damage to the furnace.

Our products will prevent all this! The stand-by power supply is composed of a 12V/220V 150W power inverter, 12V permanent battery charger and preserver – the Caretaker, 12V lead-acid battery and a 220V switch relay. At a power outage the relay will automatically turn on the 12V/220V 150W power inverter, which will be supplied by the lead-acid battery during the outage and keep the pump functioning.

After the outage, the system will automatically shut down and the Caretaker will recharge and preserve the lead-acid battery until the next power outage.

The two products that are part of the integral solution for a stand-by power supply during a power outage – the Power Inverter and the Caretaker – can be used separately for converting voltage from 12V DC to 220V DC or preserving other batteries.

We guarantee the faultless operation of your furnace during a power outage.

Do power outages cause problems in your home?