Prototype Development

One of our first cooperation projects included the Sophisticated Technologies Company headquartered in New York. We jointly developed a thermal chamber for military and medical purposes. Cooperation with numerous well-known Slovenian companies followed. For them we designed and developed different testing devices, prototypes, unique machines, etc. We have been cooperating with a number of these noted companies for years. They are our permanent business partners to whom we have proved by quality and innovative work we are worthy of their trust. Among others, we have been successfully working with Hidria AET Tolmin for several years.

Some of our projects are described below.

Digital Ignition for Aprilia, MZ and Piaggio Mopeds

For AET Tolmin we developed a digital ignition and a DC/DC converter for mopeds, installed by leading manufacturers of mopeds in Europe (Aprilia, MZ, Beta, Piaggio, etc.)

Diesel Engine Glowplug Ignition Control

For the same company we developed electronics for diesel engine glowplug ignition control, used by different European car manufacturers.

Soot Combustion Program for Diesel Engine Exhausts

ZFor a German company we developed a program for a device that combusts soot in diesel engine exhausts in accordance with new regulations regarding the emissions of exhaust gases.

High Tension Generator for Testing Overvoltage Protections

We have designed a subassembly component of an overvoltage testing device that increases the voltage from 12V to 600V in order to test overvoltage protection.


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